The Bourbon Trail Part Two: Stops 6-10

Check out these highlights from the last five stops on the second half of the trail including a short description of the facility, interesting aspects of the tour, information about the tastings, and anything else you may want to know. (Plus a few things you didn’t know you wanted to know!)

The Bourbon Trail Part One: Stops 1-5

I know that drinking with depression isn’t always a good idea. I know that when I drink too many days in a row, my medication doesn’t work well and I end up having a few bad days before my brain straightens itself out. I also know that to be happy and get through life with this illness, I need to be able to go on cool trips and drink bourbon and feel normal for a few days. So I did.

Five Sites You Need to Ease Trip-Planning Anxiety

You’ve traveled before with family or on a guided tour, and you are ready….you think….to plan your own first adventure. But when you sit down to start booking hotels, flights, VISAs, and more, your heart starts racing, your stomach turns, and you contemplate just staying home for the rest of your life.