How to Find the Right Anxiety or Depression Medicine for You

I want to share one of my experiences with antidepressants and what I learned along the way so you don’t have to go through what I went through. It can be a tough process to find the right medicine for you, but the more you know about what to expect, the easier it will be.

What It Feels Like to Be in a Depressive State

Last time I was in a depressive state, I came home from work and lay down on the floor in my apartment living room. After a half hour of lying there, I decided to take some notes about how I felt. I’m hoping that sharing my notes can help those without depression understand some of what goes through the heads of people who are depressed or even suicidal. Maybe if more people knew what we were thinking in our darkest moments, they could help us in our fight.

21 Podcasts to Distract You From Real Real Life

So, imagine my pure joy when I discovered a tiny, free app on my phone that can whisk me away from my overbearing emotions with a pair of headphones and a tap of my finger. Now entering…the world of podcasts.

Five Sites You Need to Ease Trip-Planning Anxiety

You’ve traveled before with family or on a guided tour, and you are ready….you think….to plan your own first adventure. But when you sit down to start booking hotels, flights, VISAs, and more, your heart starts racing, your stomach turns, and you contemplate just staying home for the rest of your life.