Six Ways to Build Mental Resilience for World Mental Health Day 2018

I work really hard to build up my mental resilience every day. Some days, my resilience is better than others, but overall, I feel like I have a strong foundation to lean on. This World Mental Health Day, I’m sharing six ways to build mental resilience that have helped me.

Three Crucial Pieces of Advice to Surviving the Holidays

The holidays can get a little crazy. Whether you’re traveling or people are coming to stay with you, the break in your normal schedule can be especially hard for those of us with mental health issues. It’s more important than ever to up the self-care and stick to a schedule.

Seven Steps to Minimize Anxiety When Traveling in Groups

What do you do when the lows begin to overtake the highs? Especially when those lows come right before a weekend trip with a big group of friends (or family or boyfriend’s family or whoever)?
Short answer – you deal.
Long answer – keep reading.