10 Things to Do in Savannah on Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is this weekend, and it’s got me reminiscing about last year. My boyfriend and I took a road trip to Savannah, Georgia to celebrate this high-spirited holiday, ran into some college friends, and lived it up! Here are some must-dos if you’re planning a trip down this year.

Seven Steps to Minimize Anxiety When Traveling in Groups

What do you do when the lows begin to overtake the highs? Especially when those lows come right before a weekend trip with a big group of friends (or family or boyfriend’s family or whoever)?
Short answer – you deal.
Long answer – keep reading.

Pursue Your Dream Vacation – Even With Anxiety

I went ahead and booked the flights cause I knew I wasn’t going to let myself miss out on this amazing experience. Then, I sat back as the anxiety slowly began to drag me down each day.