My Mental Health Journey

I have to work every single day to be myself and to fight for my dreams, but it helps to write about my journey and to know that I’m not alone. I hope that my story, or one of the other stories out there about mental illness, help people going through the pain of living with an illness that we still know so little about.

Another Movie Gets Mental Illness Wrong

What I didn’t realize when starting the film was that it is about someone with a mental illness. I thought it would be some funny indie film that I wouldn’t 100% get, but it wasn’t. Instead, it was a really disappointing ride of emotions.

The Truth About Panic Attacks

See, anxiety is not always visible. Panic attacks aren’t always loud. Sometimes, you just feel frozen or slightly nauseous or like a weight is on your chest, and if you aren’t used to it, you may not even know that what you’re experiencing is anxiety.